WELCOME to the website of Meningococcal Australia Incorporated.

Meningococcal Australia Inc is an Australian charitable organisation, established in February 2003, dedicated solely to fighting Meningococcal Disease through education and research and assisting those people whose lives have been ravaged by this terrible disease.

Meningococcal Australia is the co-ordinating roof body of Foundations which have been established in Australia by individuals who have been directly affected through the loss of a loved one or who have been affected by having suffered the disease themselves.

The founding Foundation Members of Meningococcal Australia are:-

In New South Wales:
The Stephen Sanig Foundation
established by Michael and Sue-Anne Sanig in memory of their 7yr old son, Stephen, who died in June 2001.

In South Australia:
The Paige Weatherspoon Foundation
established by Dwayne and Nicky Weatherspoon in memory of their 2yr old daughter, Paige, who died in June 2000.

In Western Australia:
The Amanda Young Foundation
established by Barry and Lorraine Young in memory of their 18yr old daughter, Amanda, who died in March 1998.

Meningococcal Australia Inc is funded through its Foundation Members – it does not raise funds or appeal for funds from the public. If you wish to make a donation to help fund the work of the Foundations, please contact the nearest Foundation Member in your State or Territory. You will find the details you need on this website.

Meningococcal Australia is forming support groups for those people who have been affected by the disease. If you require more information or would like to join a support group, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a support group coordinator – go to our contact page on the website, fill in the form and submit it.

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